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The Collectif B.R.E.A.D (Bâtir de la Résilience, Equité, Agroécologie et Dignité) was launched as a think-tank and action collective working for equity in food systems. It is a network of activists specializing in food equity, and a center for research, projects and the dissemination of knowledge to the general public, governments and the United Nations.

Its aim is to empower people to transform their food systems.

current projects :

local fair trade

Faced with the growing inequalities in food systems, the idea of trading fair trade products grown bylocalfarmers is gaining ground. In view of the difficulties faced by European farmers, a number of initiatives have been launched in France, Italy and Belgium to apply fair trade principles to local initiatives, through the introduction of labels or new legislation.

Indeed, local fair trade has been clearly identified as a means of supporting the agroecological transition in our latitudes. In Switzerland, too, the situation of peasant-has continued to deteriorate.

That's why, since September 2021, our working group has been thinking about the implementation of this concept in our context local and to priorities to to mobilize to support to support the transition food system. For us, it is important to metting the emphasis on "doing things together based on common denominators shared by the players-trices committed-ein the food system. For move forward in a very concrete way, we therefore decided to organize a expert working day, in October 2023, in Geneva..

nurturing diversity

The " Nourrir la diversité, Feeding the diversity, Alimentando la diversidad " project is based on three complementary approaches:

    • Sharing knowledge and best practices among local residents regarding their eating habits and procurement methods,
    • Support for the formulation of questions, needs, desires and wishes relating to the local food system, using participatory methodologies, which we can then relay to decision-makers,
    • The idea that the results of participatory methodologies will feed the projects of entrepreneurs, including those from diverse backgrounds.

Cities and towns tend to be cosmopolitan places, with many different nationalities living in them. Our collectives want to celebrate international food cultures, while supporting residents in their reflections on local, sustainable, healthy and seasonal food. We also want to identify the men and women behind food projects, with a view to providing them with appropriate and timely support. This will undoubtedly contribute to greater inclusion for all, and thus to the development and maintenance of a strong, sustainable local economy.

terroirs solidaires

territorialized sustainable food system (SADT)

An innovative research-action project to facilitate the transformation of a food system towards greater resilience and equity.

Our project, "Terroirs Solidaires: pour un système alimentaire durable territorialisé", has been designed to meet the challenges of a sustainable food system at canton level, based on our expertise.

It involves mapping all the local players involved in food-related issues, using the right to food to break out of silo thinking, and taking a systemic approach to the various points of convergence.

This project is still in progress on Genève....

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