Project presentation

The "Nourrir la diversité, Feeding the diversity, Alimentando la diversidad" project is based on three complementary approaches:

Sharing knowledge and best practices of local residents regarding their eating habits and sourcing methods through interviews and publications on a website and dedicated pages and groups on social networks;

Support for the formulation of questions, needs, desires and wishes related to the local food system using participatory methodologies, which we can then relay to decision-makers at various levels;

The idea is that the results of participatory methodologies will also feed the projects of entrepreneurs from diasporas, in Switzerland and abroad.

Cities and towns tend to be cosmopolitan places, with many different nationalities living in them. Our collectives want to celebrate international food cultures, while supporting residents in their reflections on local, sustainable, healthy and seasonal food. We also want to identify the men and women behind food projects, with a view to providing them with appropriate and timely support. This will undoubtedly contribute to greater inclusion for all, and thus to the development and maintenance of a strong, sustainable local economy.

Ma Ville Participe

You are Mayor, Syndic, Bourgmestre or Conseiller communal.

You are a municipal councillor, or a person in charge of a dicastery or department within a town or municipality.

You're in charge of sustainable development, climate planning, integration and social cohesion for a city or town.

Would you like to find out more about the Nourrir La Diversité project and how it can be implemented in your town or city?

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I Participate

You live in a neighborhood, a town or a city.

You are a community center or local association.

You are a player in the food value chain in your neighborhood or town (producer, farmer, shopkeeper, restaurant owner...).

You'd like to share your story, send a photo or a video, give your opinion, organize a meeting or an event around sustainable food in your neighborhood/city/commune.

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I Support

You are a private individual (student, professional), a community center or an association.

You're a company, a foundation.

If you have time to spare and would like to put your skills and talents to good use as a volunteer.

You'd like to make a donation, provide financial support for a project in a neighborhood, town or city, offer a venue for an event, make a contribution in kind...

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